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Our team uses THE BEST TECHNOLOGY that kills the core root of mold, odors and sick building syndrome in about a day without the use of chemicals.

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We Remove the Oxygen and Suffocate Living Organisms

Bacteria and other microorganisms including odors require three things to survive: Moisture, Oxygen and a Food Source. The food sources vary depending upon the organism or odor that is multiplying. The most common are cloth, paper, dead skin cells, food, wood, sheetrock, flooring adhesive, wallpaper paste and other cellular materials.


The purification process that we utilize is quite unique, very simple and pennies on the dollar compared to the most common ways of removing mold.

The Machine

Our purification system consumes 50 cubic feet of oxygen per minute. The air is then exposed to a series of ultraviolet lights. During this time of exposure the oxygen molecule is broken down leading to the suffocation of mold and/or odor causing bacteria.


There is no other process like it and that is why it’s the only system 99.8% guaranteed (we have test results verifying this claim from the ABC Testing Laboratory of Florida).

Patented Process

Our patented and proprietary process is truly unique. Some people may have ultraviolet lights installed in their A/C system that helps to prevent mold from growing on the coils. These ultraviolet lights will not kill mold that may be inhabiting the living space of your home or business.

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EPA Reports

Indoor air quality is the #1 environmental health problem in the US. Over 20% of all employees have major illnesses related to indoor air pollutants.

American College of Allergen Reports

50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.

Scientific America Reports

Babies (and pets) crawling on the floor inhale the equivalent of 4 cigarettes a day, as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites, etc.

Sick Building Syndrome

Over 50% of homes are “Sick” due to hazardous airborne pollutants.

Green Process

Our green process will not harm food or items in your home and it truly works.

Cleans AC Ducts

Our process cleans ducts and behind the walls.

Happy Customers

“We had some minor water damage issues due to the recent flooding at our office and in our company car. Nothing major but the mold and mildew smell was starting to happen. We called Oxy-Geni Pure right away. They treated our building and car with their state of the art system. We loved the fact that it’s guaranteed.” – Johnny Jones, 98.3FM The Bridge
You guys did an awesome job!! Thank you thank you thank you!! My house isn’t
stuffy anymore. I feel better and my dogs seems to be in better spirits! Before you
guys came to do to my condo my left ear used to swell overnight… That stopped
the morning after I went back to my condo!! I would recommend everyone do this..
Cause now when I go to other peoples houses, a lot of them, I can tell a difference
in the way I feel and my throat starts locking up!! 

“We moved into a new location September 1st knowing there was a mold issue in the building. My daughter was having breathing issues and headaches daily. We tried everything that people said to do from running purifiers to spraying bleach and all in between. Then a friend of mine told me about Oxy-geni Pure and what a great job they had done for them. Mr. Barber was very professional in dealing with our problem and over the period of one weekend he had totally eliminated our mold issue and we are breathing fresh clean air again. We cannot thank him and his company enough for taking care of us with this problem We highly recommend them to anyone experiencing mold and mildew issues.”
Jay Jones, The Floor Store. Washington, NC

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What are the primary concerns of mold infestation?

Mold exists in all structures, virtually everywhere, floating in the air and on all surfaces. Many building materials such as wood, sheetrock, etc. provide the “food” that can support mold growth. Even dust that has settled on these materials or furniture can be a food source for molds. Mold needs to eat to survive, and it’s perfectly happy eating your home if you allow it.

But health risks arise when the levels are too high, and most people don’t even consider the possibility of an infected home or workplace; most Doctor’s don’t even delve into the chance that their patient’s condition is due to indoor air quality issues, even though the media has identified and covered several instances of mold making people sick. According to the EPA, all indoor mold growth should be removed promptly, no matter what type(s) of mold are present, or whether or not it can produce toxic mold. It’s not a myth, prolonged exposure to mold increases health risks.

How does mold originate, and where does it reside?

Mold only needs a few things to grow and multiply; Nutrients (food), a suitable place to grow, oxygen and moisture. Molds can grow almost anywhere there is enough moisture or high humidity. The Moisture can come from our bodies (sweat, wet hair on pillows, breath), steam, moist air from outdoors, tiny plumbing leak, clothes that aren’t fully dried, and a host of other reasons. Mold often appears as a staining or fuzzy growth on furniture, walls, ceilings, or anything made of wood or paper. It can smell like an earthy, or musty odor, though oftentimes it’s undetectable. Mold colors range from white, gray, brown, black, yellow, or green.

What promotes mold exposure?

Exposure increases when indoor moldy materials become dried, damaged or disturbed, causing spores and other mold cells to be released into the air and consequently inhaled. Elevated exposure to mold may also occur if a person directly handles moldy materials or accidentally ingests non-edible molds.

Can’t I just use bleach to eradicate mold?

Bleach does not kill mold, it only removes the color. When you treat mold in your bathroom, you effectively eliminate the appearance; but it comes back in the same place, doesn’t it? Not only does it not work, but the when the mold comes back, its roots become even more resilient, not to mention that bleach is an incredibly caustic chemical.

Will Paint and / or Primer kill mold?

The simple answer is No. It can seal the problem for a short while, but it will return. After our treatment plan is complete, that is a good time to prime, and we recommend the use of an oil based primer. Water based primers are ok as well, but not as effective.

Newer Homes and Buildings are immune to the mold problem, right?

Unfortunately this is Not true. Building materials, lumber and trusses sitting outside in the rain too long, can all become infested, and the mold can show up several months after the structure is complete. Some molds will lay dormant until moisture re-activates them.

How are Condos and Apartment complexes affected?

There are a large amount of Condos and Apartment complexes in Volusia County that have had one or more units that suffered some kind of water damage and consequently, mold infestation. Because of the close proximity, mold can spread from unit to unit.

How can mold affect one’s health?

This answer is not meant to scare you, but it is real. Mold can grow in the lungs and on the spine. It can cause paralysis, eye fungus, and the toxic effects of fungal exposure and deadly mycotoxins can compromise the immune system. Reoccurring bronchitis is commonly caused from tainted indoor environments.

Too many times, testing and eradication are performed after the damage is done, this is why we promote the eradication of even the possibility of mold, especially in surroundings that you spend most of your time in. In rare cases, mold can even produce arsenic gas and cause permanent brain damage. People that suffer from allergies, breathing impairments, nasal and sinus congestion, nose and throat irritation, and migraine headaches should make the Oxy-Geni Pure treatment their Top Priority.

What are the ancillary benefits of your treatment?

Our treatment is approved for decontamination for red bag rooms, biohazards, blood, feces, linens, and needles used in the medical industry and hospitals. It effectively kills MRSA as well as aerobic (with air) and anaerobic (without air) contaminants. Given this power, your home or workplace is more than covered.

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