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We remove the oxygen and suffocate living organism.

Bacteria and other microorganisms including odors require three things to survive: Moisture, Oxygen and a Food Source. The food sources vary depending upon the organism or odor that is multiplying. The most common are cloth, paper, dead skin cells, food, wood, sheetrock, flooring adhesive, wallpaper paste and other cellular materials.






Food Source

The purification process that we utilize is quite unique, very simple and pennies on the dollar compared to past ways of removing mold.

There is no other process like it and that is why it’s the only system 99.8% guaranteed (we have test results verifying this claim from the ABC Testing Laboratory of Florida).

Our purification system consumes 50 cubic feet of oxygen per minute. The air is then exposed to a series of ultraviolet lights. During this time of exposure the oxygen molecule is broken down leading to the suffocation of mold and/or odor causing bacteria.

Our patented and proprietary process is truly unique. Some people may have ultraviolet lights installed in their A/C system that helps prevent mold from growing on the coils. These ultraviolet lights will not kill mold that may be inhabiting the living space of your home or business.

Our system works like “Pac Man” devouring oxygen within a space. It then continues to seek out more oxygen and contaminates from outlets, ducts, fixtures, and between walls.

Needless to say, humans and pets cannot occupy the space while it is being treated.

The oxygen, prior to leaving the machine, is molecularly changed, thereby removing one of the three key sources of life to the organism, as all living organisms that need oxygen to thrive can’t survive in this temporarily changed environment.

Unwanted odors which are typically derived from mold, bacteria and animal/bodily waste are neutralized. We remove the oxygen component which permanently kills off these contaminants, viruses and bugs.

After the purification is completed and the system is turned off, the treated space reverts back to a normal environment usually within 30 minutes. The air left behind is super-oxygenated and the healthiest air you can breathe.