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“We had some minor water damage issues due to the recent flooding at our office and in our company car. Nothing major but the mold and mildew smell was starting to happen. We called Oxy-Geni Pure right away. They treated our building and car with their state of the art system. We loved the fact that it’s guaranteed.”

Johnny Jones

98.3 The Bridge FM

“We moved into a new location September 1st knowing there was a mold issue in the building. My daughter was having breathing issues and headaches daily. We tried everything that people said to do from running purifiers to spraying bleach and all in between. Then a friend of mine told me about Oxy-geni Pure and what a great job they had done for them. Mr. Barber was very professional in dealing with our problem and over the period of one weekend he had totally eliminated our mold issue and we are breathing fresh clean air again. We cannot thank him and his company enough for taking care of us with this problem We highly recommend them to anyone experiencing mold and mildew issues.”

Jay Jones

The Floor Store, Washington.

You guys did an awesome job!! Thank you thank you thank you!! My house isn’t
stuffy anymore. I feel better and my dogs seems to be in better spirits! Before you
guys came to do to my condo my left ear used to swell overnight… That stopped
the morning after I went back to my condo!! I would recommend everyone do this..
Cause now when I go to other peoples houses, a lot of them, I can tell a difference
in the way I feel and my throat starts locking up”